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An excerpt written by Stephen Hess

The music that the DJ plays is now more mellow and romantic bringing the dancing couples closer together. The house lights have been dimmed with the mirrored ball slowly spinning to create a dreamy atmosphere in The Dusty Spur.

The wedding party has settled along with the rest of the patrons of the tavern. Also the alcohol they have been consuming is catching up with them. For the moment they aren’t discussing much, just enjoying the soothing tunes that fill the air. Shane takes the time to glance around the bar, seeing how others are enjoying their timeunder the darker lights.

As he looks towards the entry of the tavern he pauses as he notices a husky man in a dark business suit enter the bar, he pauses on the top step that leads down onto the main floor. With a shaved head, this Hispanic man wears dark glasses, which Shane finds unusual since it must be well past sunset outside, the man is scanning the bar in search of someone. Jacob notices that Shane is looking at someone towards the entry of his bar. Turning in his seat, Jacob sees the man in the suit and know who it is. His jovial spirit disappears as he slowly stands, not dismissing himself from his friends as he steps away.

Kyle and Alex notice Jacob leaving and look at Shane, who in turns motions his head towards the entrance. They turn as the man in the suit spots Jacob. Stepping down the steps towards Jacob, the suited man makes his way towards Jacob, as the three friends watch. Kyle looks at his husband with wonder, as Shane just shrugs his shoulders not knowing what exactly is going on.

As the man in the suit reaches Jacob, they seem to know each other, but there is an element of angst in Jacob that is unsettling to Shane. But the man in the suit is very confident as they shake hands then make their way to the office door at the far side of The Dusty Spur, they enter and close the door.

“That is weird.”, say Kyle as he slurs his words, slightly.

Shane agrees, as he takes a sip of his whiskey.

“That guy seems shady at best.”, note Alex. He turns to Shane, “What do you think Jacob is into?”

Shane laughs, “Hard to say, but I can’t imagine anything bad. This guy has been in business for decades. He runs a clean business as far as I know.”

“Still.”, Alex’s investigative nature is raised by the mysterious man that has gone into the office with Jacob.

Just then a beefy cowboy bear of a man, in snug blue jeans, boots, a black and red plaid flannel shirt and a white straw cowboy hat is standing behind Kyle, patting him on the shoulders. Kyle turns looking up at the tall cowboy as he asks, “Will you allow me the privilege to dance with your husband?”

This takes both Kyle and Shane by surprise. Kyle looks at his husband then they both look up at the cowboy who is a cute bearish man. He smiles at both of them then turns his attention to Shane with a wider grin.

“Oh, no, thanks but I’m danced out.”, Shane stammers trying to not do any more dancing, as he looks away from the cowboy standing behind his husband.

“You want to dance with my man?”, Kyle asks as he turns his body to get a better view of the cowboy behind him. Kyle is enjoying the embarrassment that is coming from Shane.

“Sir, I know you are married, but I would enjoy the privilege to have one dance with your man before he is forever taken off the market.”, the cowboy nods humbly as he removes his hat, holding it against his chest, in respect to Kyle.

Kyle sips from his tequila quickly then nods, “Hell yes, you can’t be denied, dance with my man you shall, cowboy!”

This shocks Shane who quickly turns, glaring at Kyle!

“Well thank you fine Sir!”, placing his hat back on his cropped hair. The cowboy moves to Shane, putting his hand out. Shane hesitates, glancing at his husband again, hoping he will stop this. But the cowboy can’t be denied and in a flash, he has taken Shane’s hand and lifted him from his chair as Shane shows his hesitation, frowning at Kyle to get him to stop this from happening.

“I will return him safely to you!”, with that the cowboy has taken Shane to the middle of the dance floor. The cowboy draws Shane close to him, laying his head on Shane’s shoulder and leading them in the slow dance under the twirling lights of the mirrored ball.

At the table, Kyle and Alex are having a good laugh as they can see Shane becoming uncomfortable with how the cowboy is taking the lead and getting too close for comfort.  The two at the table take another drink from their glasses. Finishing his sip, Kyle starts to reflect on a prior encounter, “That cowboy reminds me of my first time with a Marine. I was just as excited as he is now. And I was hot for this specific Marine!”

“He was a cowboy like that guy with Shane?”, asks Alex.

Kyle smiles fondly, “Yes, well, not a cowboy. More of a redneck.” Kyle leans back in his chair, as Alex moves to the empty chair next to him to listen to the story that Kyle is about to tell.

Kyle notices Alex moving closer, not having thought that he was going to actually share this story. “What?”

Alex motions for Kyle to share. Kyle shakes his head, not wanting too. But he is getting drunk so his hesitations are very low right now.
“You sure you want to know?”, he looks for a response from Alex, who nods his head that he does indeed want to hear about this moment in the Marine’s life. So, Kyle leans forward, taking another sip from his glass then leans back in his chair. He glances over at Shane dancing with the cowboy, smiling. Then he starts reflecting back on the day in Oceanside, California a few years ago.

“This was towards the end of my last assignment at Camp Pendleton. My orders had come through that I was going on another tour to Afghanistan, but I had been granted two weeks leave to visit family before I head overseas. Looking in the mirror I realized I needed to get cleaned up before I left. Priority was to get my hair cut and the best barber for me was in Oceanside. So, I got into my civies, hopped on my bike and head off base. I thought I would have dinner afterward then back on base before for my flight out in the morning.”

Taking another sip of the tequila, Kyle continues his thought, “I always liked riding off base and feeling the cool ocean air coming through Oceanside. Even though I was in my riding jacket and helmet, there was just this different air about everything. I ended up at my usual spot the Esquire barber in Oceanside. It’s really old school, no doubt having seen many Marines come through. But one could always get the best cut, even better than the base barbers.” Kyle looks over at Alex seeing that he is getting bored by the details that are being shared.

Kyle smiles, “Sorry, I’m wandering with my thoughts. Let me get to the part you want to hear. As I was sitting in the chair, getting my cut, I notice him walk in. Tall, lanky, he was still in his green Utilities, most likely just come directly off duty. He removed his cover as he entered and he was in need of a cut. Since I was facing towards the mirror, I thought for sure he didn’t notice as I was checking him out. But as he was making his way to a chair, I could see him look at me in the mirror. Our eyes connected; we didn’t take our eyes off each other as he found one of the empty seats against the wall. Now most guys would pick up a magazine, but he just kept staring at me. After being seated, he held his cover in his hands, leaning forward and resting his arms on his knees. His brown eyes were darting from the floor, up to where I was sitting and back again. I tried not to glare at him when I would look up in the mirror to check him out, this fucker was hot and I wanted him. As the barber was moving around me as cut my hair, he would block my view.”

Alex leans back as he is enjoying this story of Kyle’s.

“I couldn’t believe the thoughts that were going through my mind as I would continue to look at that Marine. At times he would be returning the view and one point I think I smiled at him. That made him really shy as he looked back down at the floor for a long time. Anyway, I got done with my cut, paid the barber and left. Putting my wallet in my back pocket I stepped towards the entrance but turned and made one last glance at him. He had dark hair, a chiseled face with a pointed nose that was a bit large but fit his face. His eyes of brown were so deep in color, as his lips looked fucking soft to me. Those lips were not doubt fucking sweet and I wanted to taste them. He was a mouth breather and for some reason that turned me on. He was still being shy so he wasn’t looking my way any longer.”, Alex smiles as Kyle continues.

“I exited the shop going to my bike that was parked just in front. I decided to wait for him, so I leaned against it, pulled out my phone and made like I was using it as I would glance back into the shop. As he made his way to the barber chair, he did look out and seemed a bit surprised to see me leaning on my Ducati.” Kyle looks directly at Alex, “I admit it, I wanted to make a connection with this guy. After all, he couldn’t take his eyes off me and I was enjoying that someone that couldn’t keep their eyes off me.”, Kyle laughs, glancing at Alex who appreciates the humor in the situation. Alex nods that that is a good feeling to have someone checking one out like that.

“So, I just glanced into the barber shop a few times while the guy was sitting in the chair. While he was getting his cut, he never looked outside to see me. I think he was scared stiff as he didn’t move an inch during that entire time. That got me to think that this Marine wasn’t totally out yet. Sure, being gay in the Marine’s wasn’t a big deal any longer, but I had a feeling this boy was from part of the country where one doesn’t hold hands with another dude.”

Just then the music in The Dusty Spur changes tempo and Alex and Kyle look out to check on Shane. They start to laugh as Shane thanks the cowboy for the dance, moving to return to his table. But the cowboy just grabs his hand and pulls him closer to move them into another close dance as the music is more romantic.

Smiling while he looks at his husband, Kyle goes back to his story, watching Shane struggle to get free, then the Marine turns to Alex to continue, “When the Marine came out of the barber, he finds me standing against my bike. As he puts his cover back on his freshly shaved head, he stops and hesitates a bit, stammering, asking if the bike was mine. I told him it was and he said how much he liked it. Our eyes connected again I knew I wanted to fuck this guy. It was pure lust, hell I didn’t know what love was all about at that age. I was young and randy as fuck. It’d been months since I had any time to even think about having sex with a man, never less a Marine Private! I have no idea what was running through his head, and I didn’t care. He was a freaking Private so it didn’t matter. He was going to take care of this Lance Corporal and do his best at it.”
Alex is now a bit more impressed with Kyle as the Marine is showing his authority and confidence that must have won Shane over. He can understand how Kyle was going to get this Private to serve him just how he wanted.

“He truly didn’t expect what I did next. I reached down and handed him the extra helmet that I ride with and ordered him to put it on. He looked at the helmet in my hand then turned his gaze into my eyes. Looking deeply into them, he could see that I was serious. I think it was turning him on a bit. Since I wasn’t in uniform, he had no idea what my rank was, because of my high and tight he just knew I was in the Corps like him. He asked where I was going to take him, which I told him he didn’t need to concern himself with that. He could trust me; we were both in the Marines and we take care of each other.”

Kyle checks out his husband who hasn’t been released by the cowboy yet, so he continues telling his story.

“He started to trust me and I could tell he was getting deeper into me as he put the helmet on, right over his cover.” This makes Kyle laugh a bit. “He wasn’t even thinking straight but he was grinning as he pulled the helmet down. He strapped it on and spread his arms as if he was modeling the helmet for my approval. I patted him on the top of his helmet, put on my helmet and gloves. He climbed on the bike after I mounted it. Before we moved out, I took his hands and wrapped them around me so that he would hold on tightly. I gripped them for a moment for him to understand I wanted those hands to stay there. I could see the Private nod in the rearview mirror. Patting his hands, I reached for the handlebars, kicked the bike into gear, and slowly pulled into traffic then got onto the PCH.”

Kyle stops, checking on his husband. Alex turns and does the same. They see that Shane is not enjoying himself as Alex notes, “You’re going to have to intercede.”

Kyle grins, “Yea, but let me finish this first.”

Alex lifts his drink as Kyle continues, “I wanted to get this guy randy in a hurry so I got us on I-5, heading north. I twisted the throttle to get the bike up to 80 and I think the guy was freaking out a bit as I was weaving between traffic, lane splitting and just going full bore! But I get a fucking hard on as I feel the vibration from the bike on my dick. Normally when I’m in my leathers it is less pronounced but I was in a snug pair of jeans so it was a different feeling. I could feel that Marine sitting behind me reaching to adjust himself a few time so I knew he was getting turned on. Once or twice, he would forget about holding on to me and release his hands, but I gripped them quickly and he was hanging on tightly again.

“I took us north until we reached San Onofre where I turned us around, heading back towards Oceanside. There is an exit off the freeway, to a lesser known part of the base so I exited there and we went down to the beach at Cocklebur Canyon. I had found out that it can be really private, which is what I was looking for. We parked and the guy hopped off my bike as soon as I turned it off. As I climbed off, removing my helmet, and hanging it on the handlebars. I stood before him as he was removing his helmet. I took his helmet from him, putting on the other end of the handlebars then I grabbed him, immediately my tongue was down his throat. Oh hell, it felt so good to taste him. I could tell he was not too experienced, frankly neither was I. Sure, I had done it with a couple of guys in high school, but having been in the Marines for two years, they were very dry years when it came to sex with another guy. He was going to be my first Marine and I think he was just about perfect.”, Kyle is a bit bemused as he remembers this sexual encounter as a Marine.  

“What I liked is that he wasn’t fighting back and he was really quiet. I think he wanted me to take the lead. So, I did. My gloved hands were all over his tight body. I could feel the curves on his torso as I moves up his body, the points of his tits under his blouse where I gently toyed with them. That caused him to moan in my lips, damn I was learning where the Private was wired. It wasn’t too long before he was pushing my tongue to the side and inserting his as I tasted a slight hint of chew. Damn, this boy was a redneck. I began to wonder how experience he was as he seemed not to know what to do with his hands.” Alex finds himself a bit turned on with Kyle’s description of his love making with the jarhead.

“But that answer came rather quickly as his hand was working the zipper on my jeans. Now I was pleased to have someone that knew what he wanted, just as much as I knew what I wanted.”, Kyle adjust himself in his chair, reaching down the adjust his black Wranglers. “Hell, I’m turning myself on with all this!”

Alex smiles, taking another drink. He looks over a Shane, “You better wrap this up for several reasons, the most important is that if you don’t your new husband is going to end up in that cowboy’s truck!”

Kyle sees Shane’s discomfort as he notices the cowboy is once again laying his head on the shoulder of his biker husband. “Ok, ok. You shouldn’t have got me started on this! The noise from the freeway was bugging me, so I took his hand and led him down a path that dropped over the bluff onto the beach. There the waves were crashing, rolling into the really private beach. There in the middle of this beach, we ended up making out standing there on the sand, the waves ebbing and flowing.

“But I was so horny I couldn’t stand any more kissing and wanted his lips on my cock. So I took control of him, with our lips locked, I placed my hands on his shoulders and applied pressure so that he would have to lower himself to his knees. He sighed a bit as our lips parted, his knees going into the sand.  I wanted him to understand that he wasn’t to move as I was in charge now. But the fucker knew what to do and took my exposed tool into his beautiful lips. As he has getting into his rhythm on my weapon, the redneck Marine struggled a bit as he reached down to work his unit out of his pants, but I wasn’t allowing that, yet. He wasn’t going to get off until I was satisfied, so swatted his hands away from his crotch, instructing him to not touch himself. Then I grabbed his ears and pushed my weapon into his waiting throat. I remember having my breath taken away as that redneck shit took all of me with no problem. This Marine was freaking talented!”, Alex is a bit surprised by Kyle’s graphic description of the events, but realizes that since he is drunk, he is liberal in his speech.

“There was no hesitation as I entered him with my hard weapon filling him nicely. I lifted my head and closed my eyes as it felt so good. It had been fucking too long since I felt that moist warm cocoon around my manhood.”

Turning himself on, Kyle takes another sip of his tequila then works to the conclusion of his story, “The ocean waves came in and soaked where he was kneeling, along with my boots. That Private was moaning, which felt amazing around my pistol, he was getting into it as he didn’t struggle and he had talents with his tongue I had never experienced. I gripped the back of his head to bring him closer so I could go deeper as we were finding our groove. He wanted this as much as I did.

“Since it had been so long, I couldn’t continue my pleasure for long and had to pull out too quickly as I was exploding way too soon. Some of it splashed on his government issued shirt while the rest ended up in the surf. With my spent weapon hanging free, I lifted that Marine so I could look into his eyes. I let the guy reach down to his tool, pulling it out of his briefs. As he stroked it, I started a new invasion of his lips, kissing him with passion while the surf lapped at our boots. It was just a matter of moments until he fired his seed with most of it landing on my boots. I slapped his ass to let him know I was not pleased. He stood there before me, embarrassed at his aim. But as he was looking down, the surf came in, washing over my boots and cleaning them. We both smiled.”

Alex’s eyes are wide open, his mouth was slowly dropping hearing of this extremely graphic and horny scene that Kyle was sharing with him. Sharing with him on the day that he was wed to Shane.

“I turned him around to show him my appreciation as I kissed him deeply, then looked into his eyes so that he knew that he did what he was supposed to do and I truly enjoyed his ass. He smiled, pulling up his pants, as I returned my tool into my jeans. We kissed one more time, then made our way back up the bluff where he grabbed his helmet and put it on himself. I patted him on the helmet, he understood what this moment was. It was just a sharing of lust between two leathernecks, nothing more. We mounted my bike and made our way back to Oceanside where I dropped him off by his, you guessed it, beat up old Ford truck with Oklahoma plates!”

Kyle gazes in the distance as he takes a moment to enjoy the memories of that time with the Marine. Alex interrupts his memory, “You ever get together with him again?”

Kyle shakes his head in the negative, “No, never did. After I returned from my leave it was just a couple of days before I was shipped out to my tour in Afghanistan. Don’t know what happened to him, but I will always have that memory on that beach.”

Kyle finished off his drink, reflects a bit more then looks out at the dance floor. “I better go save my man!”

As Kyle stands and makes his way to his husband, Alex raises his glass in a salute. But the waiter thinks it is for another drink, which he quickly brings. This surprises Alex who decides that he shouldn’t let it go to waste.

Approaching the dancing couple, Kyle comes up and taps the cowboy on his shoulder. Raising his head, he sees that it is Kyle, the husband of the man he is dancing with. He is a bit ashamed but glad he took the chance. Looking at Kyle the cowboy nods, thanking him for the use of his husband. Shane glares at Kyle for allowing this to continue for so long. The cowboy takes one last look at this man he will dream about for many months, the one that was unattainable. Then the cowboy turns and makes his way off the dance floor to the bar where he orders a beer, leaning against the bar, not looking back at Shane or Kyle.

Shane steps to return to their table, but Kyle grabs his hand as the song has changed to another romantic ballad. Pulling his husband close to him, Kyle lowers his head on Shane’s shoulder, holding him tight. Shane forgets about the cowboy as he now has the man he loves in his arms. He squeezes his jarhead tightly as their boots shuffle on the wood dance floor.

Alex looks on as he watches the couple dance the evening away. He takes a drink, looking around and enjoying the activity around him. It is nice, he thinks, to be out from behind the fucking computer and enjoying some life, music, and libations for a night.

As the lights stay dim, the mirror ball spins creating the reflections of dancing lights around The Dusty Spur. Holding each other, in their wedding attire, Shane and Kyle just enjoy the touch of their bodies against each other. They are so safe in one another hold, as Kyle lifts his head to look into Shane’s blue eyes. He smiles and leans into kiss his man. The kiss is returned affectionately. They are very relaxed, the alcohol having taken a deep control of their mind set, having no care in the world. Under the manufactured stars in the saloon, they dance together until it gets late into the evening.

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