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One choice will change his life forever.
A life changed by love.

29 Palms is a gay action romance novel that explores the challenges that government assassin Shane Hamill encounters after meeting a Marine, Kyle Mathews, in a small bar in Twentynine Palms. After a motorcycle ride in Joshua Tree National Park they quickly discover a bond that brings them into a relationship. One year in, Shane's newest assignment goes wrong and Kyle is dragged into Shane's secret world.


Shane realizes that he no longer wants to do the dirty work he has been doing as he has fallen in love with Kyle, discovering a new truth in his life. Shane must face the intense pressure to change his life, escape the agency he works with, rescue the man he loves, while saving himself.


There is no choice!


As they protect themselves, they are protecting their love thus keeping each other alive.

29 Palms Second Chances picks up where the first book in the series left off as Shane and Kyle work to escape so they can be married and start their second chance at life together. But they find themselves pulled into two different directions as friends of theirs are facing life threatening challenges and ask for help to get them out of their consequences. Kyle decides to help his Marine brother, Ray, that is found clinging to life after being severely beaten in a motel room. Shane is contacted by the Agency that he recently retired from to go undercover to find an officer that he was close with and has gone missing while undercover with a major arms dealer living in Palm Springs. Our couple find that while they are devoted to each other, they are also faithful to their service that each had done for their country for most of their lives. Now they both create new identities to save their friends future so they can have a second chance in their lives.


"A fresh, gay, adventure story"

29 Palms


If you’re looking for a fresh, gay, adventure story, then pick up Stephen Hess’s first novel, “29 PALMS”. The story revolves around an American spy, Shane Hamill and an American Marine, Kyle Matthews. The two men first meet accidentally in California’s vast Joshua Tree National Park and in the nearby town and Marine base of 29 palms.

Shane has had a very successful career as a deadly operative of the Agency, part of the United States government. He has spent decades as an assassin in the service of his country, but he’s had no real life outside his work.




Signed editions of 29 Palms available at these fine booksellers:

Ravens Book Shoppe in Twentynine Palms, CA

Q Trading in Palms Springs, CA

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