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Stephen Hess

29 Palms - Second Chances is the second book in the gay fiction action romance series written by Stephen Hess. The desert power couple of Shane and Kyle were introduced in the first book of the series, 29 Palms. The first book was a top ten best seller on Amazon Kindle for LGBT Action Adventure titles.


Stephen will return to the desert in 2024 with 29 Palms - Tres Soles de Oro. After Shane and Kyle have settled in their home, they get involved with a great adventure that goes beyond anything they ever imagined.


Recently a screenplay based on the first book, 29 Palms, was submitted to the Table Read competition and placed in the top 100 of action/adventure screenplays.


Stephen is also working on a new series of novels. AREA:98 is a scifi series set in the Pacific Northwest with a team that investigates strange happenings. The area around the majestic Mount Rainier had one of the first UFO sightings in the United States. It seems something is going on and Agent Elias Walters is in the center of these incidents.


A standalone novel set in high school marching band in the 1970’s is also in the works. This story tells what happens when a new member joins the marching band only to have a medical condition that many of the members don’t understand while a tuba player finds that he is falling for this new guy and fights to keep him in the band.


Stephen is looking forward to returning to writing and producing video projects, while exploring new story ideas. He will continue to explore the sights of the mighty desert of Southern California that provide inspiration and new ideas upon the wide horizon!



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